Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Aunt Mabel's Bermuda Cruise, May 26 - June 5, 2019

The second youngest member of my Father's siblings, the last one remaining, died at 97 years of age in Wainwright Alberta. Mabel Smith and her husband Jim owned and operated a successful shoe store for most of their adult lives. They never had children, I met them one time when they visited Dad and their other siblings living in the Toronto area. That was 70 years ago.
Well Aunt Mabel left some money to her brothers' and sister's children and some of us are taking this cruise with a portion of the Legacy. [This is the first time this has ever happened.]

[Off subject on May 16, 2019 Conrad Black received a Presidential pardon from Donald Trump. It was in all the papers and media.]

The preparation for our cruise is complete: we'll fly to Newark New Jersey on May 25 and check into the Country Inn and Suites for the night and then taxi to Cape Liberty by noon on May 26 and board the Celebrity Summit for the 11 day cruise to Bermuda and back. Marilyn, Buster, Joan and Garnet are flying on May 26 and Terryl, Jeanette and I go a day early just in case something untoward raises its ugly head on the day of. Terryl, knowing all about changes to flight schedules, feels safety should be adhered to if at all possible. We've pre-arranged a tour of Bermuda on Day One as well as a catamaran and snorkelling episode on Day Three in Bermuda before we sail north to Boston and Bar Harbor, Maine.
On May 25 Terryl and I will be with Lyft on the way to YYZ at 08:00 to meet Jeanette and check in for our flight.

[Off subject on May 23, 2019 Donald J Trump lost on two Court decisions this week. One was that his Tax filings for the last six years must be turned over to Congress, and the other was his law suit against Deutsche Bank if they turned over his financial documents to Congress.]

May 28, 2019 We are enjoying the second of two sea days on calm ocean breezes; enjoyable dining options and a relaxing attitude on the Celebrity Summit which has had a total redo since we sailed on her fifteen years ago. The decor is modern and much like the attributes you see on current new condo offerings in big cities.
May 29 - June 5, 2019 We spent three days in Bermuda, one on a educational tour for four hours through little towns and big towns (couldn't be that big with a population of 66,000) and enjoyed every minute. On the last day in Bermuda a catamaran and snorkelling occupied four hours in the beautiful blue waters. I don't remember having any difficulty with the breathing aspect when Greg, Rob and I were in Hawaii - but this time I did. However, the ride and floating around in the salt water was wonderful, as were the rum swizzles and cookies for Joan, Garnet, Terryl and myself.
We visited Boston on a cold foggy day and decided to stay on board. And then to Bar Harbor Maine with its quaint little shops on a beautiful sunny day.
The Celebrity Summit was in dry dock for 48 days and the changes they made were magnificent.
All in all the entertainment, food and friendship was wonderful. And being with Joan and Garnet, Marilyn and Buster, Jeanette and Terryl was a wonderful experience - one we'll always look back on with great memories. We owe it all to Aunt Mabel's Legacy. Once again, Cheers to Aunt Mabel and all the McDonalds especially Arch, Fred and Mabel.
Buster, Jeanette, Marilyn, Joan, Garnet, Gary, Terryl
and an anchor in Bermuda.

Monday, 13 May 2019

A Mind for Numbers by Barbara Oakley Ph.D. published in 2014

'Thiss sentence contains threee errors.' (An unusual opening sentence one might say.)
Clearly, two errors are spelling. Do you see the other error? Yes? Great, it's paradoxical or a contradictory sentence indeed. This book begins with problems that one can solve using focus mode brain attributes; if that fails the author suggests using a diffused mode; that's simply turning off and tuning out of the problem entirely. One way to make the switch is to take a twenty minute nap. Salvatori Dali and Thomas Edison did it by holding a ball bearing in one's hand. When the hand and mind fall asleep, so does the ball fall to the floor with the resulting clang waking the genius with a fresh new look at the problem that vexed them in the first place. A Diffused Mode. All we need is a ball bearing and a metal floor.
When we read a book do we learn from it, do we remember what we read, do we recreate the knowledge or principals in our mind to be referenced later, do we remember chunks of information and reuse it later? When problems are not readily solved do we put the problem aside and revisit it later (Diffuse Mode)? These are the questions asked with recommended solutions contained in this book. This title is a trifle misleading but halfway through I'm seeing the point; yes, there may be numbers associated with math problems but we are working on solving a host of different subjects problems. Studying, retention and understanding process with the ability to commit the solution process to repeatable memory is the ultimate goal and result that we must look toward.
There's plenty to read and learn before chapter 8 but here goes: tools, tips and tricks to help you get the results this book is charting for its readers. If you're a procrastinator there's no turning on the computer; identify the easiest part of the issue or process; copy some of the equations necessary for solutions on paper and carry them around with you.
Here's a freebee on meditation Budda in Blue Jeans by Tai Sheridan. Here's another: A zombie without a list is listless; a happy zombie has a task list. Here's a list of websites (although some may ask for your $$s) that are aimed at numerous processes and issues in this book:

http://pomodorotechnique.com/ a time management system
http://3030.binaryhammer.com/ a task list app
http://www.studyblue.com/ flash cards and notes when it's time to study
http://mail.google.com/mail/help/tasks/ self explanatory

Here's some on cheering yourself on:
http://www.stickk.com/ just like it says - stick to it
http://coffitivity.com/ modest background noise like a coffee shop

Now I am to set reasonable goals for oneself and work on it for two weeks.

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