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21 Rules for Life by Jordan B. Peterson published in 2018

The name Jordan Peterson and his philosophy has over 100,000,000 viewings on You Tube and up to a month ago I had never heard his name or heard him speak. Dr. Peterson is a gifted lecturer with a light touch of humour winding through his philosophy which was originally given at Harvard and then University of Toronto when he was asked if he ever wanted to write a book? He had written one several years ago; but now with prodding and refining he would write another that put him squarely onto the world stage. 21 Rules for Life: An Antidote To Chaos  is in the public domain. On April 18, 2019 I have begun to read this book with a forward by Norman Doidge whose friendship is significant as are his comments on his friend's book. On page xx he says this: "Intolerance of others’ views (no matter how ignorant or incoherent they may be) is not simply wrong in a world where there's no right or wrong, it is worse; it is the sign you are embarrassingly unsophisticated or, possibl