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Pacific Princess Cruise around the UK August 2018

 Would this be the purple nurple from old? Never mind. This trip's idea was launched when the plan consisted of Gary, Greg, Rob, Ben, Nate and Thomas. The six of us, no girlfriends or wives were included; just the boys. The planning was under way, but the reality seemed difficult until the father of the younger boys proclaimed that we reconsider and do it with the original three. Done was my first reaction, and then the pieces fell into place quite easily. A trip to our beloved U.K., Ireland, Wales, and Scotland filled the bill. A cruise made it to the top of the list. And so, it was done, we paid AC for the flights and Princess Cruises for the seven day cruise around the whole of the thing, as they say. Greg and I had had a trip for several of his adult years, while Rob [formerly Bob] and I had had only a couple. We promised to have only fun and to leave all other issues in Canada until our return. And that's what we did. London is a fascinating city so we include