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Fishin Golfin B.C. CCCottage Trip 2018 and memories of Cccottage Days long gone.

  It's not because this post is titled "Fishin Golfin B.C Cottage Trip 2018 and memories of past Cccottage ..." It's because our story goes deep into the lives of the participants. The beginning was only 60 odd years ago in a separate grade school and a public grade school in the Leslieville area of south-eastern Toronto. There's plenty of detail that could be authored about pre-teen adventures which could reveal individual personality characteristics; however, I believe that the beginning should start around the time when one or more of us suggested a rental cottage for the summer would provide a great place to drink and have some harmless fun. It wasn't me, I came along a little later, because I was busy playing tennis at Kew Gardens and quaffing beers after a hot day on the courts with Kathy, Gilda, Dennis, Ken and many others who enjoyed the game. And so it began at Thurstonia Park on Sturgeon Lake in a corner lot's small wooden cottage with