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CCCottage Reunion September 14 - 21, 2019 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I'm booked and checked-in on Air Canada's #1123 at 11:00 on September 14 arriving at 12:33 to begin (I'm guessing now) our 23rd reunion since John DeLisle convened the first one in 1995. Many a tale has been told and retold since the mid 1960's when it all started in Thurstonia Park on Sturgeon Lake where a small, less than glorious, cottage was our weekend retreat. I think there were 12 guys who formed the original group, with Arch, Bill and me signing on for life a couple of years later. (We were the old guys who were allowed to hang out when some of the younger decided their weekend-time would be better spent elsewhere.) That roster remains to this day except for Pat and Arch who passed away rather suddenly. Jack, Phil and Paul have been replaced by Rod, Eric and the odd mystery guest (one named Piggy comes to mind) whose sudden appearance illuminates our gatherings from time to time. Our yearly experience seems to stay ignited by regular emails about horse races, f

Bianca Andreescu US Open Ladies Champion September 7, 2019

Bianca on Television talk show tours Sept. 9/99 All of Canada glued themselves to television on this Saturday afternoon. Bianca, now being called, She The North after the Toronto Raptors NBA basketball champions, was taking on the 24 Majors Champion Serena Williams in front of a stacked crowd pulling for the American. Bianca is a free swinging tennis athlete who appears to know no fear of losing or winning. She meditates, seeks professional advice for her mind and thoughts as well as her tennis technique. She wears a hair springy band around her right arm's elbow for no reason that we know of, yet. She is comfortable with the post-win adulation that has fallen on her as the only Canadian to have ever won one of the Major Tennis Championships (US, French, Aussie and Wimbledon) ever. Canada has had contestants in the finals but who never crossed the finish line first. I'll predict that if she can remain injury-free she will be number one in the Tennis world for years to