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Federal Election Canada October 21, 2019

Some think the die was cast when Judy Wilson-Raybould threw in the towel and delivered her take on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's 'rebalancing the cabinet' (but most Canadians felt otherwise). Trudeau had demoted her and she wanted us to know her side and the press and cable news clamoured for more. (It's all on tglf  some eighteen posts below this one.) It's October 21, 2019  and we go to the voting stations across Canada to elect our representatives. The current polls suggest the Red Liberals are tied with the Blue Conservatives, and the Orange NPD are ahead of the Green Green Party, with the other two barely on the board. I voted Red in 2015 because I wanted a change; I will vote Blue in 2019 because I want a change. We have around 35,000,000 people in all of Canada and there has been a lively discussion between the parties' leaders for many months as well as when the campaign started fourty days ago. The Reds say more of the same to come, the Blues say

Vienna Austria, October 10 to 16, 2019

Terryl and I planned this get-away two weeks ago. We'll be at the Inter Continental Hotel in Vienna's Innere Stadt enjoying the scenery and cultural pursuits for the first time for me, but not for her. Our flight had plenty of J Class seats at first but now it's down to two with two ahead of us. However, there are business class still available so we should be okay as of October 9, 2019 . I'm having an egg sandwich and getting ready for my Wednesday golf game with Sandy's group at 11.00am. October 10, 2019  The 'loads' quickly went into the tank: there are 31 cons listed with 18 ahead of us which means we'll be flying economy to Vienna (and hopefully up front on the way home October 16). After a fabulous ride on AC's brand new 787 Dreamliner we land in Vienna and in no time at all we are in a cab and on to the Intercontinental Hotel where we expect a room four hours before our check-in. In every way and place the people of Vienna are charming an