Royal Carribean Cruise October 2018

This cruise is one that celebrates our 20th Anniversary of having been introduced by a mutual friend (a Golfer and Flight Attendant) and our subsequent meeting at Bert and Ernie's Pub in Toronto's west end. This narrative will not be about that occasion because thats been revealed many years ago in the original which may soon be dug out of the dark recesses of the digital world. My tech support says it can be done. I hope he is right; there is a ton of material that I would love to revisit. Perhaps you would too. Nah, I didn't think so.
We flew from Toronto to Miami on October 23, 2018 and booked a hotel for two nights at a nice South Beach hotel. They bumped us up to their Premium Suite and supplied a few credits for food and drinks in their establishment which was appreciated but not used.
After a good nice rest we walked across the street to a waterside assortment of shops and dining experiences that were very nice. If you visit it is on Biscayne Bay adjacent to the Holiday Inn.
(I'm having trouble loading my most recent photos of this trip. I'll talk to my tech support for guidance.)

So our stay in Miami South Beach was very pleasant. We dined at Joe's Stone Crab restaurant, a 100-year-old established facility with tuxedo'd waiters providing first class service and knowledge of the establishment and the food they serve. He described in detail where and when the stone crabs are harvested, additionally, how they crack these morsels for convenient consumption. We had arrived at Joe's at 5:00pm (opening time) and expected a small crowd would be in attendance. Within 30 minutes the cavernous restaurant was filled. (They do not take reservations.) 

The restaurant is completely closed from May to September every year simply because Stone Crabs mating and subsequent harvesting dictate the season. The menu is quite extensive with all sorts of meats, poultry and fish which would allow the summer opening, but without the main dish Joe's would not be serving its purpose.
Stones courtesy of Sooke B.C.

These are the roots of a tree that is flourishing outside Ernest Hemingway's home in rural Havana Cuba. The drive to this place is twenty minutes from the port by car, but worth the drive especially in a taxi just like this one or this one. These vehicles are everywhere and have been maintained over the years with parts from Asia, top notch mechanics, duct tape and constant cleaning and polishing by their proud Cuban owners. It's a sight to see for sure.  

Hemingway's Library


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