Saturday, 1 December 2018

Moved In and Settled December 1. 2018

I've been living, really living at Terryl's apartment since November 18, 2018 and for the last two weeks we spent very little time getting my clothes settled in the closet. For the most part we cooked, watched some TV, joined a gym, bought some clothes, changed my address on several cards, bought this magnificent MacBook Air that I'm typing on right now and generally had a very good time. I've shown her how to send and receive email money transfers which thrilled her no end.
I really should have accepted her invitation some time ago, but I guess I wanted to be close to the Y and the Brampton Golf Club as well as the places and people I've known since 1984 (34 years). I now realize that part of my life, while completely satisfying and productive, is something I will cherish but need to build another. That is one that Terryl and I can build together; and it makes plenty of sense to do it in one abode.

This large living room without the great chair I always sit in next to the windows facing north and the magnificent skyline of downtown Mississauga, is wonderful for sitting and talking without a TV in sight. Perfect for reading and working with the electronic device of choice: MacBook Air or iPhone 8. And when Terryl is around she offers me drinks and snacks of my choice. I love it.

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