2019 Lexus ES350 in Moonbeam Metallic

When I took my car into Lexus for routine maintenance Abdul Ramadan saw me and, after his generous and warm greeting whenever we meet, he asked me to drop by and see him. This was in mid October 2018 and I visited with him after the servicing was complete. After several minutes of chatting about life which I thoroughly enjoy (Abdul is an accomplished gentleman) we begin talking about another car. That car was a 2019 model and either a ES350 or a LS model. But I said: "There is still almost two years remaining on my current ES350." 
Armed with pen, computer and markers Abdul begins his presentation.
Let me add that Abdul almost never forgets a detail. Once I told him that when I reach 65 years I wanted to have an SC450, the one with the entire roof fitting into the trunk with a flick of a button. It was a silver convertible. And guess what, just before the birthdate Abdul called and asked me to come over and see my new car. Yes, I bought it, and enjoyed it for two years.
This time he thinks I might be ready for the top-of-the-line LS, but if not, another ES that has many of the LS attributes now installed in the current luxury ES for just a few dollars more. What did I do? I bought it. There was not one single vehicle in Moonbeam Metallic in any North American Lexus Dealerships. It was ordered and would start being made in Japan on December 12, 2018 and delivered to Erin Park Lexus on January 15, 2019. I took delivery on January 25, 2019 and here it is:

It's close to a month that I've been driving this little beauty and it's living up to its expectations. I'm wild about the colour: Moonbeam Beige is its name. The lane guidance beeps (instead of a steering wheel shake) whenever one crosses a white line lane divider without signalling the same. The speedometer reading through the windshield (as low or high as you like it) is a delight. The GPS and the new methodology of its use is a marvel as well as a breeze to use. (Voice commands are a very big thing now.) The colour looks good when a trifle dirty which is an enormous plus. This time, I read the entire manual; this time I've played with the instruments (all of them) until they became familiar, and this time, unlike the 2017 model, the learning curve was a minor adjustment.