Doha, Qatar and the North, December 19, 2019

Our body clocks are still discombobulated: it’s 04:45 and we’re wide awake. However, the Insider and Azamara never disappoints with access and service such as the self-serve in the Windows Cafe with all types of specialty coffees, juices, fruit and cereals. It’s done, I’m eating, drinking and in front of the MacBook Air typing away with Terryl propped up watching her favourite of many world wide channels presented on board: this one is on specific wild life - lions, antelope, elephants, water buffalo, and others - all roaming in Africa and looking for water and food in their habitat.
I had not made any pre-arrangement for an excursion while in Doha, Qatar and I see one that looks interesting. They call it The North of Qatar with a duration of 7 hours showcasing their rich traditions such as pearl diving, the ruins of Zubara Fort an ancient fortress for a fascinating look at archeology in action. The other offerings are a wild ride through the dunes described as a roller coaster sensation, and strenuous too. We don’t need any more back pain. It also describes hanging out in tents and carpets covering the desert perhaps a little like the Bedouin. They offer a trip into Souq Waqif and a museum for 4 hours.
Voila, Ship Excursions opens on schedule and we are on; we’ll meet our fellow travellers on Deck 5 in the Cabaret Lounge at 08:45 and off we go. The Apple 8 is fully loaded and ready for action.
Photos to follow when I can coincide the transfer of photos from the iPhone to the MacBook Air because both devices need to be connected to the Internet. Azamara's offering allows one device at a time. I'll need to get the iPhone on Rogers Roaming and the MacAir on Azamara simultaneously.
Stay tuned, and thank you.


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