Dubai all sorts December 15, 2019

With two days left on our tour of Dubai UAE the question raised is, what next? The answer is more of the same. In doing so, Terryl got quite a scare when purchasing some jewelry with her debit card. A salesperson presented the adjusted cost and accepted her card, but returned it with this comment: EMPTY. She tried it again with the same result and as might be the case Terryl thought the worst: HACKED. And yes, once again these people were concerned and helpful without question. Together we called the Canadian Bank and after forty-five minutes we were talking to a lady in Regina who advised that her money was still there. The next day it was the same result. However, when we visited a CitiBank establishment she was able to get plenty of cash using the same card. A pleasant young man gave us his explanation and off we went. No problem...if it happens again she will use my card. What?

In the Dubai Mall at five football fields of one way space
The aquarium

Incredible waterfalls show just outside the Dubai Mall

Diving art with running water
A little snow place for the kids to play
I forgot to mention how dangerous it is here
We survived this too

Magnificent show...but also note the cranes in the background. How big will Dubai get?

We finished the day with a drink in the hotel's sport's bar where Federer lost the 2019 Wimbledon to Novak again and then to a nice little Noodle Restaurant to share some Chinese Broccoli and a lovely bowl of noodles, prawns, chicken and an assortment of tasty other morsels. 


  1. Wow...I'm loving your blog. It makes me feel like I'm with you guys.
    Your trip sounds magnificent..thanks


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