141,454 Deaths caused by COVID-19 worldwide as of April 16, 2020 @ 17:55

On April 16, 2020 we and the majority of the world's people are self-isolating in our homes. Non-essential business is shut down putting millions of people out of work. Most doctors, nurses, staffers and support people however, are run off their feet. Truck drivers, delivery people and grocery clerks are doing double duty while they too, remain six feet apart from any and all who approach.
Two blogposts ago Coronavirus COVID-19 was in its infancy and my account on the issues are there and dated March 12 and March 20, 2020. Today statistics will shock anyone into the realization that we are fighting a war against a formidable foe. Worldwide we have 2,127,873 confirmed cases...540,575 patients recovered...and 141,454 deaths. The upside of these numbers might be that the recovered patients are four times the number of deaths. [Also its worth noting that these numbers are incorrect as I write. The information I have recorded here is from a Google Search.] The USA now has 33,633 deaths and China with its population of 1.4 billion,  (the Pandemic started in January 2020 in the major city of Wuhan), claims only 3,342 deaths. I think it's safe to say that which I had uttered in March: the civilized intelligent communicators of today have a long way to travel in aid of our fellow man.
It has been said and reported that certain relevant information was kept from moving freely across this planet, with that dearth of political, transportation and medical knowledge shared across the continents the numbers went straight up and continue to rise. The Chinese could have thrown the world a parachute but chose not to. I copied the following paragraph from Robyn Urback's column in The Globe and Mail on April 17, 2020:
""Late last year, the WHO, along with the rest of the world, had good reason to receive initial information from China on the strange new virus emerging out of Wuhan with some skepticism. The extraordinary early measures the country was taking to contain its spread, after all, seemed wildly out of proportion with Beijing’s official numbers of infected and dead. Indeed, months ago, there was reason to worry that China might not be sharing the full extent of its outbreak, and information has emerged since that all but confirms China again deceived the world. And it did it while the WHO openly praised its commitment to "transparency.”"
As of April 21, 2020 here are the numbers as quoted in the Globe and Mail;
At least 2,440,809 cases confirmed around the world; with 639,877 recoveries and 167,628 deaths reported.
On April 21, 2020 as reported in the Globe and Mail:
2,553,359 cases confirmed around the world; with 679,791 recoveries and 176,285 deaths reported.
On April 30, 2020 as reported in the Globe snd Mail:
3,169,410 cases confirmed around the world; with 958,623 recoveries and 224,613 deaths reported.
On May 12, 2020 4,147,046 cases have been confirmed worldwide; with 1,428,338 recoveries and 284,037 deaths.
On May 15, 2020 4,405,365 cases have been confirmed; with 1,576,678 recoveries and 300,108 deaths.
On June 18, 2020   Worldwide, 8,173,940 cases have been confirmed and 443,685 deaths.
On July 1, 2020.    Worldwide, 10,302,052 cases have been confirmed and 505,505 deaths reported.
On July 13, 2020  Worldwide,  12,717,908 have been cases confirmed and 565,138 deaths reported.
On July 26, 2020 Worldwide, 15,792,390 cases have been confirmed and 639,652 deaths reported.
On August 25, 2020 Worldwide, 23,420,418 cases have been confirmed and 808,676 deaths reported.
On September 12, 2020 Worldwide, 27,863,733 cases confirmed and 903,686 deaths reported.
On November 14, 2020 Worldwide, 52,733,290 cases confirmed and 1,293,661 deaths reported.
On November 25, 2020 Worldwide, 58,649,324 cases confirmed and 1,388,068 deaths reported.


  1. Could you elaborate on that last sentence? Been said by who, what would the parachute have been and when would they have thrown it? You've probably been reading more about the pandemic than me so I'll need you to fill me in. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for adding the quote. I can believe that the Chinese underreported the number of infected and dead. However, the Chinese can't be blamed for the fact that the entire Western world saw plainly the extreme measures being taken in China and chose to assume that this was just an example of authoritarian over-reaching on the part of the Chinese. The actions didn't seem to fit with the statistics of the outbreak but rather than assume that the actions were in fact appropriate and the stats misreported (for whatever reason), our Western governments at best ignored and at worst scorned the Chinese.

    I feel that it's dangerous and counter-productive to point fingers at the Chinese for this pandemic.


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