Garfield L McDonald (aka) Alexander McPope has created another website

The fine fellow you see here is my son Greg who started me on this site in 1999. However, all of the posts between 1999 and 2018 are locked in the Cloud; I'm told they are findable and will be placed here at some future date by Greg who is also my tech support. Without additional fanfare Garfield of The Garfield Legacy Fund wishes to announce his second website that will focus on his search for refinement. The writer is Alexander McPope (inspired by Alexander Pope of poetic fame) who will carry on without a recognizable abode and is known for that which pen and ink have made his poetic personage famous. He has started a Corporation that is named InRefinement Inc. So, please click the link above for the real Alexander Pope, and of course the large link below for Alexander McPope's work  that is written for their amusement. If you enjoy/despise these musings please do leave a comment of one kind or another. Thank you. You may start by clicking the link below:


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