I've Been Away For Five Months, September 6, 2020

Thank you for visiting tglf.ca recently. I've been adding posts to amcpir.blogspot.com for the last five months. Please have a look if you wish; I think there is some value there.

We've included some of the meals we've produced in the oven and the Ninja Foodie that you might enjoy. But more importantly my son Rob and I celebrated our birthdays yesterday just with the two of us. We didn't take a cruise like we did in 2018 which is chronicled in this site, we just met and had a delightful Open Cork lunch and talked a whole lot about networking, getting ready for promotion in business, personal functions and more just like we did when he was 17 years old. Rob is 46 and living his life just the way he has structured it--and that is fine with me.
I spent an hour reading my own work/posts on our Back-To-Back cruises in December 10, 2019 to January 30, 2020. In years to come my hope is that this material will interest my grand and great grand children and so on. The concept of tglf.ca I owe to my oldest son Greg who planted the thought and set up the site for me originally in 1999. The amcpir.blogspot.com was my idea midway through 2019.
Terryl and I will be doing more social distancing this afternoon with Pierre and Deborah Alcide in their backyard. I hope everyone does the same: it's safe and keeps one connected with their close friends during Covid-19 and all of its world changing protocols to keep us alive and well, Over 885,040 deaths have been recorded worldwide; the USA has 188,000 and Canada has 9,145 as of September 6, 2020. We are told that  the second wave is coming for sure and that we must not let our guard down in the fall of 2020 when the Flu Season hits us with its broadside along side the coronavirus killer.
I regret reporting my right knee went awol after a day of golfing with added exuberance. Performancegolfzone.com encouraged me to invest in their program that had produced excellent results. I was hitting it father, straighter, and chipping and putting better when it happened. I put a little more into the swing than I should have and wammo, it happened. I started to limp and knew I was in trouble. I'm on Hemp Oil and Cream and wearing a knee brace and had to delist myself from the club championships.
Brampton Golf Club went ahead without me and handed out the trophies on September 7, 2020:


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